PuppyGro – puppy milk replacer

For Artificially Rearing Newborn Puppies and Supplement Feeding of Large Litters 

Completely Balanced, Easy to use, Quality Assured.

  • PuppyGro is a completely balanced milk replacer to supplement large litters or to hand raise puppy’s.
  • PuppyGro can also be given to a mother who needs extra nutrients before and after parturition.
  • There cannot be a more complete program to meet your puppy’s daily nutritional requirements, which are so critical in those first weeks.

Grober Nutrition is HACCP certified, as well we follow the strict guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practices as set by the Animal nutritional council of Canada.

The economics of using PuppyGro  – puppy milk replacer

– The Dunne Family

On January 14th, our dog Dollie, a St. Bernard (mix), delivered a large litter of puppies. Unfortunately on Saturday January 16th she became sick and we had to take her to the 24 hour vet-clinic at 12:30am. After an x-ray it was discovered that she had a twisted stomach. There was no guarantee that the stomach would not twist again. Sadly, we had to put Dollie down. The vet sold us a ‘small’ can of puppy formula ($23.00) to feed the nine puppies at home.

Thankfully our neighbor told us about Grober PuppyGro puppy milk repalcer. Since these big puppies drink a lot, a 5kg pail was helpful (and necessary!)

Three different families helped us out by fostering and bottle feeding two puppies each. All nine puppies survived! If it wasn’t for the PuppyGro puppy milk replacer and help from friends I’m sure if would not have turned out so well. We are thankful for the kindness of friends.


– Veronica Matthews  ( dogwatchofmuskoka.com )

I want to thank you for providing a superior product and service.  My Barbet bitch had 11 puppies and when she developed mastitis in two of her milk ducts we had to take over feeding.  I called and the PuppyGro was delivered the next day.

All the puppies are growing amazingly fast and happy.  My breeder recommended you and your as every bit as good as she said!  Thank You.

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We’re always delighted to hear from our customers regarding the growth and success of their pets. Grober is proud to provide a completely balanced milk replacer to supplement large litters and/or to hand raise orphaned puppies.

Michelle Adams

Marketing Co-ordinator, Grober Nutrition